Our Story

Longevity Sport and Fitness was established and founded by Entrepreneur, Athlete, Coach, and Author Chris Long in the summer of 2015. Through decades of personal research and development the

formula of Mindset, Nutrition, Sleep, Training and Recovery was set. Over time the key core values of gratitude, humility, courage, and strength lead the way and have inspired many individuals in the program to achieve greatness. Having the privilege of being mentored by leaders in the fitness and sports performance industry has been a blessing for Chris Long's life and also for Longevity. Longevity now pays it forward ten fold. The team lives a life that is committed to personal development, mentoring others, and shining the positive nature of the brand, illuminating it to its full potential. Chris's mission for the company from day 1 has always been to influence 1 billion people to live INSPIRED. When we live life INSPIRED we gain access to the greatest source of energy : light , love, and lessons leading to a living a life of TRUE purpose!

An idea turns into a movement!

With five years under our belt, the Longevity brand has never been stronger. It has enriched the lives of so many. Working with both young athletes, and adults, to date, Longevity has trained hundreds of our youth to succeed in high school, collegiate athletics, and even professional sports. Additionally, the program has also helped countless people become healthy, contributing to life extension and superb life enhancement!